A podcast hosted by Louisa Nicola, who explores the nexus of neuroscience, athleticism, and peak performance.

Unpacking Longevity and the NAD Controversy | Dr Charles Brenner, PhD

Charles Brenner is a leading Global expert in the biology, chemistry and Medicine of NAD the central Catalyst of metabolism he currently works at City of Hope in Los Angeles as professor and chair of the Department of diabetes and cancer metabolism.

AI is Changing Healthcare | How To Survive & Thrive In The New World

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way we approach wellness and medicine. Join us on a journey through the fascinating intersection of AI and healthcare in this insightful video.

I Built a $40k/month Human Performance Coaching Business.. Here’s How (FULL Offer Breakdown)

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare | Renee Deehan

Today, I dive deep into the world of bloodwork, DNA, and fitness tracking with none other than Dr. Renee Deehan, Vice President of Science and Artificial Intelligence at Inside Tracker.

Why You Need to Measure Your Testosterone Levels | Saad Alam

Today we’re going to be diving into testosterone. I know there’s a lot of noise on social media right now pertaining to the global decline in testosterone for males. While social media can provide a great source of information, there’s also a lot of misinformation.

Why You Need to Measure Your Testosterone Levels | Saad Alam

This episode’s guest is Saad Alam, Co-Founder and CEO at Hone Health, the modern men’s health platform that offers personalized care with data driven insights, licensed physician consultations, and medications, all from home.

Trans Women in Sports: The Conversation We Need to Have

In this episode, I interview KITTENS, an extraordinary DJ, producer, and advocate in the human rights space.


Become Self Sufficient You Don't Need Help | Evy Poumpouras

Human connection and relationships are often overlooked as part of your wellness. A peak performance lifestyle involves optimizing all parts of your health. Communication, self-awareness, and resilience are all skills that you can learn to help you perform at the highest level.

Breaking Barriers: Transgender Women in Sports, Equality, and an Iranian Journey

This episode was filed and recorded during Pride month and is dedicated to mental health. I interview Lauren “KITTENS” Abedini and we not only speak about life as a gay Iranian woman living in LA but we touch on many important matters as it related to mental health.